The Rise of Luxury Activewear Online

Is social media really influencing the new luxury activewear websites that we now find ourselves shopping on? This blog post takes a look at 5 websites all doing just that.

We’ve all heard it, read it and tried it; becoming healthier, fitter, stronger and leaner is this year’s trend. There’s no running away from those new found super foods, latest home workouts or Monday motivation quotes to kick start that healthy lifestyle change. And for those who want to look good whilst getting red faced and sweaty, the fashion world has made it even easier for us to find that perfect gym look with specialist sports wear websites right at our fingertips.

An athlete in a running pose wearing white shorts, purple long sleeve top and black tights and trainers.
2017’s top trend is all about healthy lifestyles and getting active is top of the list.

Of course the high street shops are still stocking their shelves with the latest quick dry and squat proof leggings, but online shopping websites are the place to go for those wanting to buy outside of the traditional sports stores. Since we spend the majority of our time on social media apps, these websites are turning to social media to inspire and motivate their shoppers. All five online shops looked at in the table below, use multiple social media platforms to showcase the luxury brands they sell, it is Instagram and Facebook that seem to attract the most clicks to a website.

When looking at these site, there are some key differences to consider when reflecting on how much their social media accounts effect their Alexa Rank. Firstly, The Sports Edit is the only website to cater for both men and women’s sportswear, while The Active Man is the only site for men’s wear, leaving the remaining websites exclusively for women. The amount of luxury brands sold on each website also varies, with The Active Man brands offering only 16 brands to their male buyers, in comparison to a huge 41 brands on Active In Style designers and ten fewer on Style Sportif designers. The Sports Edit brands similarly has 30 brands for women but only 12 for the men on their site. Keeping it quality over quantity is Fashercise brands with 24 brands for their female shoppers.

Website Instagram Followers Facbook Likes Alexa Rank
Active In Style 71,200 28,648 578,576
The Sports Edit 12,100 4,270 1,264,755
Fashercise 11,700 9,434 533,667
The Active Man 2,894 2,758 1,317,744
Style Sportif 2,125 540 21,136,336

However, despite those differences, social media is one fundamental point of call for these website selling luxury active and sportswear brands. As you can see in the table above, Active In Style has the highest amount of Instagram followers and Facebook likes, clearly showing why they are a close second place on the Alexa Rank. In first Alex Rank position is Fashercise. Although they only have 400 Instagram followers less than The Sports Edit, Fashercise has over 5,000 more likes on Facebook and is higher on the Alexa Rank. In contrast, at the bottom end of the table, you can see the fewer Instagram followers and Facebook likes you have, the higher you rank with Alexa and this is where The Active Man could improve but more so Style Sportif.

Another similarity that all of the websites have is the Lifestyle Edit or Blog section offering tips, workout plans, recipes and other motivational content to ensure their buyers keep coming back for more. This, alongside the offer of a 10% discount just for entering their website for the first time or signing up to their weekly newsletter is something the high street shops don’t offer.

Although you can find some of the products online as well as in the shops, most of these luxury activewear brands pride themselves on being exclusively online and only on certain websites, so next time you run past an outfit not from Nike, you’ll now know where to click and look.

By Fontaine Chapman


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