Leeds’ Best Sports Blogs

A review of the best sports blogs in Leeds and where to find them.

When you think of sport in England, football is the first that comes to mind. When you think of sport in Leeds, Leeds United Football Club is no doubt, the first club that comes to mind. So it makes complete sense that when searching for the best sports blogs in Leeds, LUFC is at the top of that list.

The blue seats of Leeds United AFC Elland Road stadium with two pitch side marshalls
Leeds United AFC Elland Road offers Stadium Tours before each home match is played.

Wh social media might be most peoples first point of call for interaction with other football players, pundits and fans, blogs are increasingly becoming the place to go for further in depth opinions and conversations.

Blog Alex Rank Twitter Followers Link
The Scratching Shed 2548618 275000 http://www.thescratchingshed.com/
Life, Leeds United, The Universe and Everything 2948438 4401 https://roblufc.org/
Right in the Gary Kelly’s 3660118 156000 http://rightinthegarykellys.com/

Standing at the top of this league table for Leeds’ best sports blog is The Scratching Shed. Not only do they have the largest amount of Twitter followers, who engage with every Tweet, they also generate blog content that gets the football community talking with comments on each post they upload.

Whilst the next blog may not have a social media reach as big The Scratching Shed, the Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything blog, has content that is full of honesty, attitude and the quick witted personality of the blogger shines through. This distinguished difference of blog styles may not earn LLUUE the highest amount of clicks but the comments on each post are far greater than those sat above or below.

Lastly in this league sits the blog of Right in the Gary Kelly’s, and for those unbeknown football fans, Gary Kelly is a retired Leeds United Football Legend. The name of this blog is certainly recognisable for football fans and although they generate the least amount of traffic to their blogging content, RITGK’s does have a high number of Twitter followers who are regularly engaging with them.

While there are many more Leeds’ sports blogs out there, and indeed football ones, these top three blogs are worth a read if only to see that LUFC fans really are football crazy.

By Fontaine Chapman


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