Social Media Optimisation: Workshop 5

Taking a look at my social media engagement and finding ways to increase my Score through social media optimisation techniques.

The focus of this week’s workshop was to increase social media engagement and discover how much social impact and growth could be attained by using Through linking various social media accounts, Klout was able to track and measure my social impact, as well as displaying a network contribution percentage from all my accounts.


This is a screen grab of Fontaine Chapman's Klout Score. It shows her score details, her social media network contribution in a donut chart and a chart tracking her impact over 90 days.
Measuring and tracking my social media impact by evaluating the different network contributions.

Whilst the workshop’s task was to increase our score via Twitter, as you can see from the image above, the highest network contribution has come from Instagram as this is my most used social media account. To increase the contribution and optimise engagement of both Twitter and Facebook, I joined which enabled me to manage both accounts, schedule post and view live streams from this one platform for both networks.

A screen grab of Fontaine Chapman's hootsuite page. It displays her Twitter streams of Home/My Tweets/Retweets/New Followers. As well as a tab displaying her Facebook Page.
Optimising the use of both Twitter and Facebook accounts on one social media platform.

I was able to follow, retweet and upload posts via for my twitter page, where I originally published my first word press blog; FAQ: The Women’s March on Washington, via Hootsuite. This tweet generated some engagement on Twitter and can be seen in the image below. Following this, I then also shared my first three YouTube video blogs.

A screen grab of the tweet, twitter activity, total engagements/impressions/clicks and likes.
Engagement activity on Twitter after sharing a word press blog.

When I first checked my Klout Score, it was 57, however, in a short space of time I was able to increase this and reach a day high of 61. These optimisation techniques can be further developed and progressed over a number of weeks and with the integration of all social media sites used, this will increase my social media engagement.

By Fontaine Chapman


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